Our work - Transforming Lead Management: Routera’s Success Story with Aclarify

A detailed account of how Aclarify’s expertise in backend architecture and agile development methodologies propelled Routera to a triumphant launch and recognition in the HubSpot marketplace.

Backend Architecture Revamp, Agile Process Integration

Executive Summary

Routera's journey from an innovative idea to a standout product in the HubSpot marketplace encapsulates the pivotal role of adept technical guidance and strategic project management. Faced with a constrained development timeline and a codebase burdened by technical debt, Routera turned to Aclarify for a solution. Under the stewardship of consultant CTO, Spencer Marx, Aclarify deployed a multifaceted strategy that addressed immediate technical challenges, instilled a culture of agile development, and set Routera on a path to success. This collaboration not only achieved the on-time launch of Routera's MVP but also established a foundation for ongoing innovation and market competitiveness.

Key Technologies/Tools

  • UI Development: React, Typescript & Tailwind CSS
  • API Services: NestJS & Mongoose
  • Integrations: Hubspot for CRM & Stripe for Payments
  • Database Management: MongoDB
  • Infrastructure: Hosted on AWS with Code Repositories on GitHub

  • Workflow Management: Agile Development with Jira


Routera was founded by Lew Talon with a vision to streamline lead management processes for businesses using HubSpot. The startup aimed to revolutionize the way leads are assigned by automating the process based on a team member's availability, capacity, and performance, ensuring leads are handled efficiently and effectively. However, the journey from concept to a functional MVP was fraught with challenges, primarily due to technical debt accrued from previous development efforts and delays in delivery by the initial agency contracted to deliver the product. With the project timeline in jeopardy and the MVP far from completion, Lew Talon sought a strategic partnership with Aclarify to salvage the situation and realize Routera's market potential.


Upon engagement, Aclarify, led by consultant CTO, Spencer Marx, uncovered several critical issues impeding Routera's development:

  • Technical Debt: A comprehensive audit revealed extensive technical debt, including non-existent API composition patterns and a flawed data model, which significantly limited the platform's extensibility and future feature integration.
  • Development Delays: The project was significantly behind schedule, with the original target launch date rapidly approaching and only half of the MVP completed.
  • Team Motivation and Capability: The existing development team, provided by the previous agency, lacked motivation and the necessary skills to overcome the technical challenges, further complicating the project's trajectory.

Lew Talon's concerns about the feasibility of delivering the MVP on time without compromising future scalability underscored the need for a drastic strategic shift.


Example Routera router screen

Aclarify's intervention was multifaceted, addressing both immediate and long-term challenges:

  • Technical Overhaul: Spencer spearheaded a technical overhaul, starting with a deep dive into the existing codebase to identify and prioritize areas for improvement.
  • Agile Methodology Implementation: Agile development practices were introduced, including regular stand-ups, sprint planning, and backlog grooming, to enhance team productivity and project visibility.
  • Team Restructuring and Mentoring: Efforts were made to realign the existing team's focus, supplemented by mentoring and code reviews to uplift and ensure quality development practices.
  • Direct Hiring: Aclarify assisted Routera transition away from the agency model by hiring and onboarding senior full-stack engineers, thereby building a more robust and motivated in-house team.
  • Jira Integration: Implementing Jira as a project management tool, Aclarify instilled a structured approach to task management and progress tracking.

This strategic blend of technical and process enhancements was pivotal in redirecting Routera's development efforts towards success.


Example Routera summary screen

The collaboration between Aclarify and Routera yielded significant achievements:

  • Successful MVP Launch: The concerted efforts led to the on-time delivery of a rescheduled launch of Routera's MVP, which was met with positive feedback from early adopters and stakeholders. This milestone was crucial for Routera to begin capturing market interest and validating its business model.
  • Technical Debt Reduction: Through meticulous refactoring and architectural improvements, the team significantly reduced the platform's technical debt, setting a solid foundation for future features and scalability.
  • Enhanced Product Functionality and UI: The UI overhaul, backed by React, Typescript, and Tailwind CSS, alongside the backend improvements using NestJS and Mongoose, resulted in a more intuitive and efficient user experience.
  • Strengthened Team Capability: The transition to an in-house development team and the adoption of agile practices enhanced team productivity, motivation, and overall project momentum.
  • Marketplace Approval and Acclaim: Routera's app received approval for the HubSpot marketplace, where it has maintained a stellar rating, underscoring the app's quality and market fit.

This transformation not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by Routera but also positioned the company for sustained growth and innovation in the competitive landscape of CRM and lead management solutions.

"Great implementation of proper backend architecture. Putting the pieces in place to reduce tech debt in the future."

Lew Talon
Founder at Routera
MVP Launch
Technical Debt Reduction
HubSpot Marketplace Rating
5 Stars
Senior Engineers Hired

Looking Forward

With the technical and operational foundations solidly in place, Routera is poised for expansive growth. The successful launch and marketplace validation mark just the beginning of Routera's journey to redefine lead management automation. Future plans include:

  • Expanding Feature Set: Leveraging the scalable architecture and robust backend, Routera plans to introduce new features and integrations, further enhancing its value proposition.
  • Market Expansion: Building on the initial success in the HubSpot marketplace, Routera aims to explore additional CRM integrations, broadening its applicability and user base.
  • Continued Partnership with Aclarify: Aclarify will remain a key strategic partner for Routera, providing ongoing technical consultancy and development support as the company scales.

Routera’s story is a testament to the transformative power of strategic technical leadership and agile development practices. For businesses seeking to overcome similar challenges, Aclarify offers the expertise and partnership to turn vision into success.

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