Our work - Revolutionizing Home Services: Beantown’s Digital Transformation with Aclarify

How Beantown Home Services partnered with Aclarify to transform their operational and digital strategies, resulting in unprecedented growth, efficiency, and market positioning.

Beantown Home Services
Digital Transformation & Operational Efficiency

Executive Summary

Beantown Home Services, renowned for its comprehensive offerings in Heating & Cooling, Electrical, Plumbing, and Solar services within Plymouth County, MA, embarked on a transformative journey with Aclarify. Challenged by outdated digital tools and inefficient workflows, Beantown leveraged Aclarify's expertise to overhaul its technological infrastructure and operational processes, achieving unprecedented growth and a significant boost in market positioning.

Key Technologies

  • Web Application: NextJS & Tailwind CSS
  • Content Management: Sanity CMS
  • API Development: NestJS
  • CRM Integration: Service Titan
  • Search Engine: Algolia
  • AI-Driven Content Enhancement: OpenAI
  • Infrastructure: Github, AWS & Netlify


Founded 18 years ago by the visionary "G", Beantown Home Services has established a formidable presence in Plymouth county, delivering premium home services with a steadfast commitment to client-first practices. This philosophy, while being the cornerstone of Beantown’s success, also posed unique challenges as the digital landscape evolved. Beantown’s traditional approach, heavily reliant on word-of-mouth and an outdated digital presence, faced the urgent need for transformation to meet the changing expectations of both existing and prospective customers.

Pre-Aclarify Digital and Operational Landscape

Before the collaboration with Aclarify, Beantown’s digital footprint was anchored in an outdated WordPress site, failing to mirror the premium quality of their services or meet modern user expectations. Operationally, the reliance on manual processes and the absence of efficient integrations, like with ServiceTitan, resulted in bottlenecks in customer service and job scheduling inefficiencies, highlighting a critical need for digital and operational upgrades.

The Challenge

Former Beantown website

Despite a strong reputation among its established clientele, Beantown recognized the imperative need to rejuvenate its online presence and operational efficiencies to cater to a broader demographic, including the younger, more tech-savvy generation. The aspiration to transition into the "Content King" of the home services space necessitated the development of a robust digital marketing strategy and a content hub from the ground up—initiatives that were uncharted territory for Beantown. This strategic pivot aimed not only at immediate operational improvements but also at reinforcing Beantown’s market leadership in the face of evolving customer expectations and competitive landscapes.

Digital Presence and Customer Engagement

Beantown’s website, with its dated design and functionality, was ill-equipped to attract or engage the younger demographic, a critical segment for its growth strategy. The lack of a comprehensive content strategy further compounded the challenge, underscoring the need for a dynamic, informative, and visually appealing online hub that could educate, engage, and convert visitors across various demographics.

Operational Inefficiencies

The operational side of Beantown was mired in inefficiencies—manual processes for handling customer inquiries and service scheduling dominated, significantly draining the resources of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). The absence of a seamless integration with ServiceTitan, their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, further complicated job scheduling and customer management, signaling an urgent need for automation and better technological integration.

The Solution

Aclarify’s holistic approach to Beantown Home Services’ transformation tackled both digital and operational inefficiencies head-on. Custom solutions were designed not just for immediate improvements but with a vision for sustainable growth and innovation.

Strategic Digital Overhaul

Website Revamp and UX Enhancement: Aclarify recognized the pivotal role of the website in attracting and engaging customers. A comprehensive redesign was initiated, leveraging Next.js for a robust web application framework and Tailwind CSS for a modern, responsive design aesthetic. The integration of a Sanity-based CMS empowered Beantown’s team to manage content dynamically, aligning with their ambition to dominate as the "Content King" in their industry.

  • Emphasis on UX/UI: The redesign prioritized accessibility and ease of use, incorporating large fonts and a clean design to appeal to Beantown’s broad customer base, including the targeted younger demographic and the established older clientele. This strategic focus on UX/UI was instrumental in enhancing site engagement and conversion rates.
Beantown Services Page

Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Efficiency

Aclarify’s strategic interventions focused on leveraging technology to streamline Beantown's operations, significantly reducing manual workloads and optimizing customer engagement processes. This comprehensive approach included several key initiatives:

Integrated Automation Solutions

  • Automated FAQs: Aclarify developed a dynamic FAQ section using OpenAI's GPT-3.5-turbo, enabling customers to self-serve answers to common inquiries. This reduced the demand on CSRs for routine questions, allowing them to focus on more complex customer needs.

  • ServiceTitan Integration: Aclarify seamlessly integrated Beantown's website with ServiceTitan, a premier field service management software. This integration enhanced job scheduling and customer management, facilitating more efficient operations and real-time communication between CSRs, technicians, and customers.

  • Membership Inquiry Automation: Recognizing the potential to streamline the membership inquiry process, Aclarify implemented an automated system. This system efficiently captures and processes membership inquiries, further reducing the manual workload on CSRs and improving customer experience.

Custom Booking System Development

In response to the need for a more tailored and cost-effective booking solution, Aclarify developed a custom booking system. This system replaced the previously used ScheduleEngine, which was projected to cost Beantown over $10K annually. By developing this bespoke system with React for user-friendly interfaces and MongoDB for database management, Aclarify provided Beantown with a significant operational advantage and cost savings. Integrated with ServiceTitan and enhanced by Stripe for secure payment processing, the new booking system offered an intuitive and seamless scheduling experience for customers.

Extending Service Titan with Custom Zapier App

Custom Zapier Integration: To further enhance operational efficiency and extend the capabilities of ServiceTitan, Aclarify developed a suite of custom actions and triggers within a bespoke Zapier app. This custom integration allowed Beantown to automate workflows beyond ServiceTitan's native functionalities, showcasing Aclarify's commitment to delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions.

Content Hub and Digital Engagement

Aclarify's creation of a content hub marked a pivotal step in Beantown's strategy to become a leading authority in the home services sector. By utilizing Algolia for fast and accurate search capabilities, the content hub effectively centralized Beantown’s educational resources, including FAQs, blog posts, and how-to videos. This not only facilitated customer access to valuable information but also significantly boosted Beantown's digital engagement and SEO performance.

Beantown Content Hub

Impact and Outcomes

The partnership between Beantown Home Services and Aclarify led to:

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The integration of automated solutions and the custom booking system streamlined Beantown's operations, reduced CSR workload, and improved the overall customer service process.
  • Cost Savings and Customization: Replacing ScheduleEngine with a custom booking system resulted in direct annual cost savings and provided a more flexible, tailored solution to meet Beantown's specific operational needs.
  • Digital Authority and Engagement: The development of a content hub and strategic digital enhancements positioned Beantown as an authoritative resource in the home services industry, increasing engagement and customer trust.

"Aclarify's solutions have not only modernized our operations but also positioned us for sustained growth and innovation in a competitive market."

G Bradley
CEO at Beantown Home Services
Customer Engagement
Workflow Automation
Tech Investment ROI

Looking Forward

With a solid foundation for digital and operational efficiency, Beantown Home Services is set for continued growth and success. Aclarify’s tailored solutions have equipped Beantown with the tools to adapt and thrive, ensuring a bright future in the evolving home services landscape.

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